Since 2004 our company is active in marine insurances market, being representatives of Azov Insurance Group in Odessa region.

    Founded in 1996, Azov Insurance Group nowadays provide a board range of marine insurance products trough incorporated companies and network of 30 branch offices and outlets across Ukraine, Russia, Baltic States and Spain.

    Effective reinsurance of Marine Hull portfolio is placed with following international insurance and reinsurance companies:
  • Lloyd's Underwriters
  • GE Frankona Reinsurance Ltd
  • Military Insurance Co
  • Catlin Insurance C Ltd
  • Transatlantic Reinsurance Co
  • Mapfe RE Compania De Reaseguros S.A.
  • Wurttembergische Versicherung AG
  • Houston Casualty Co
  • Sirius International Insurance Corporation
    The Group represents as a correspondent the following P&I Clubs and insurance companies in Azov - Black Sea region:
  • UK Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association
  • The West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association
  • The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association
  • The Britannia Steamship Insurance Association
  • The London Steamship Owners P&I Association
  • The North of England P&I Association
  • The Swedish Club
  • The American Steamship Owners Mutual P&I Association
  • British Marine Luxembourg S.A.
  • The Standard Steamship Owners P&I Association
  • The Shipowners Mutual P&I Association
  • Ingosstrakh
  • Russian P&I Pool
  • Japan P&I Club
  • Terra Nova Insurance Company
    Please apply and we are sure you will find very competitive terms and conditions for your insurance arrangements.